About Z

Hey! My name is Zenia, and I reside in Australia. I love talking about the books I have read, am reading or want to read as much as I love to actually read books!

I like a variety of genres, from non-fictional texts about prison camps in North Korea, to fantasy series like ‘Percy Jackson’, by Rick Riordan. That said, I am a young adult; I steer away from adult literature, or anything along those lines.

Through this blog, I wish to become a more vocal part of the widespread book community which I have previously watched from afar. I love to share my opinion, especially when it comes to books, and I think this blog is a perfect opportunity to do exactly that, and more! I also want to expose myself to new authors, more great novels and other book reviewers.

Yet another thing I wish to achieve through this blog is to share the books which I love (or even just like) that aren’t well known. I want to be able to enlighten others of the adventures that they can go on, and the characters they can meet, simply by checking out a new book/series.

I hope you find something new here, and I’d love to hear from you!

Happy reading,


Email: ihatespoilers@hotmail.com

(The background pattern for this blog has been downloaded from: http://squidfingers.com/patterns/1/)


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