Post 1. Welcome!

Hi guys! My sister, Sam, is currently in India with her friend, Savini. They are in the state of Andhra Pradesh, in the city of Kadapa, volunteering at a home for girls who have been victimised by gendercide. They recently started a blog to document their journey and to spread awareness of the gender discrimination issues in India and other countries.

I am inspired by what Sam and Savini are doing, and what they have to share, and I know that if you are willing to take the time to read their posts, you will be too.

Girls With Wings

Thank you for taking the time off to read this blog. Savini and I are currently in Kadapa, in a state called Andhra Pradesh, India, volunteering at a very special home.

India is a land housing over a billion people. It boasts rich traditions, cultures and history – one with hundreds of gods, many different languages and various religions. Despite its overwhelming growth in economics, business and real estate; its successful Bollywood industry and recent metropolisation, India has not yet completely done justice to the girl child.

Gendercide, gender discrimination, feticide, abortions, are only a few words, which have repeated themselves in numerous documentaries and articles on this global issue. It was a concept new to us back then, but now we understand how powerless a girl/woman’s existence can be. Gendercide, defined as “the systematic extermination of a particular gender,” has become widespread in India. With the use of…

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