Reading and I – We’re tight.

At first, the question of why I like to read kind of baffled me. I was like: What does that even mean? I like to read because I like to read. Why should there be any reasons behind it? But then I thought about it some more, and I realised there are reasons, and these may or may not be different for everyone.

1.  I don’t know if I like reading because of this or if I like this because of reading, but I absolutely love to know about other people. I like to hear random and particular stories about a friend’s/stranger’s/relative’s life; I like to know why someone is doing something or why they chose to do it; I want to see a ‘Draw My Life’ video about nearly everyone I have ever known about. This could be considered ‘nosy’, and yea, sure – if that’s what I am, that’s ok. Nosy and proud. So, of course, this ‘nosiness’ makes me extra interested in books- they are (in their simplest form) stories of people and things and the why and how and when. I love to know the story of a girl living in Germany during the Second World War who loves words. I love finding out how a self-satisfied hobbit finds so much more in the company of a wizard and dwarves. It is just so awesome to know about all these people and things and hobbits that it’s overwhelming!

2. Reason 2 kind of links to what I was saying before about me being nosy. I like to know what other people are thinking (I promise you, in the most not-creepy way possible). And books (in their more complicated form) are, on some level, a collection of thoughts that a person wants to share. I like it when people share their thoughts. It’s a way to be able to understand each other, and by sharing what they think, others are allowing themselves to be closer to us, and I think that’s exactly what we humans need to do. Be more ‘together’. Books are often a way for people to speak out against unfair principles – or speak out for emerging ideas- that circulate the world; like how discrimination was addressed in To Kill A Mockingbird, and how feminism was explored in The Colour Purple. It’s so enlightening and just a beautiful thing to be able to literally read someone else’s thoughts- their personal views and values.

3. No matter how much I read, there will always be an infinite amount of material that I haven’t read. So it’s a never-ending love. (Which, admittedly, can be a bit of an overwhelming idea at times.) Books will always be there. Forever, and ever and ever. Maybe even when humans aren’t around there will be books to carry on messages and stories. I like the idea of immortal words. And I like even better the idea that I am reading immortal words. It just sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?

4. I love to learn. I love to learn old things and new things and I like to learn about different perspectives and equations and socialism. Books give me knowledge. It’s a proven fact that by reading a range of different novels, you become more intelligent. I promised myself pretty early on to try and be as socially and globally aware as possible. Writing allows for perspective, and reading gifts you an open-mind.

Though I don’t think it is necessary to have reasons to love to read, I’m sure we all do. Let me know why you like reading, and if there’s a story to it, do tell! 😉


Happy reading,




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