The Tiny Wife by Andrew Kaufman

TheTinyWife_thumb Release date: September 1st 2011

Publisher: The Friday Project

Number of pages: 88 (in hardcover edition)

Genre: Modern fairytale / literary fiction

“A thief charges into a bank with a loaded gun, but he does not ask for money; what he asks for, instead, is the object of greatest significance currently in the possession of each patron. The thief then leaves, and the patrons all survive, but strange things soon begin to happen to them: One survivor’s tattoo jumps off her ankle and chases her around; another wakes up to find that she’s made of candy; and Stacey Hinterland discovers that she’s shrinking, incrementally, a little every day, and nothing that her husband or son do can reverse the process.”


This is a very unique book, in terms of the storyline. The writing was peculiar (in the best of ways); filled with metaphors and analogies. And the story is threaded with really pretty black and white drawings.

There are lots of different characters in this short book. The main character is Stacy Hinterland, who after the bank robbery begins to shrink each day. At the very start of the story, the thief explains how the victims of the robbery can reverse whatever process has been unfolded in their life, and I really liked that idea. There are elements of fate, love and finding yourself again mixed into the 88 pages of this book – I think most of these aspects were executed well, but there was something left to be desired. Another thing I found quite interesting is that The Tiny Wife  is written in second person, which isn’t a common way of writing. Or at least, I haven’t read many books written in second person.

I felt that the book could have done with a few more pages, and a bit more of an explanation and more information. I was left wondering about the connection between characters, whether certain parts are relevant or not (and in some cases, it seems that they are, indeed, irrelevant to the story) and also about how it ends for certain characters. I did like the diverse range of characters and their stories, but I feel like the story, as a whole is not quite smoothly executed.

As is aforementioned, I did like the interesting writing style. I believe that if I had read more deeply, and if there was a bit more to the story, I might’ve found a lot more meaning to this story. I think that there is possibly more going on than we see on the surface, like with many good books. Unfortunately, in this reading, I did not care to dwell deeper. It is also possible that there is no ‘deeper’. I guess it’s like John Green says: “Books belong to their readers.”

I wouldn’t say this a must read, but if you have time for a quick 88 page read, then go for it. It is definitely a unique idea, and maybe you’ll get more out of it than I did.


Characters: 1/2

Plot: 1/2

Writing style: 1/1

Sadly, this book does not receive any extra points from me.


Happy reading,



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