Birthday Book Haul!

It was my birthday last Friday, and as can be expected, I received books from my family and friends – not only books, but mostly books. I got 7 books from my parents, and 4 from my lovely, lovely friends. I found some new novels in these gifts, and maybe you will too!

Unknown-3 Unknown-4 Unknown-2 Unknown-5 TheTinyWife_thumb UnknownUnknown-1UnknownUnknown-1Unknown-2Unknown-3

Out of these, I have only read Bloodthirsty, by Flynn Meaney and The Fledgling Handbook, by P.C Cast and Kim Doner. I’ve heard great things about the Noughts and Crosses series by Malorie Blackman (the last four books in the line), so I’m excited to start reading those!

Here are the Goodreads pages of the aforementioned books:


Tell Me What You See:

The Glimpse:

The Fledgling Handbook:

The Tiny Wife:

Game Control:

The Glass Collector:

Noughts and Crosses (Book #1):

If you’ve read any of these, let me know what you thought about it/them. If you have any review requests, again, let me know!


Hope you have a good weekend, and…

Happy reading,




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