Authors who need more world-wide recognition

I feel that some really great authors don’t get enough recognition for their amazing work! This is based off what I see nowadays on BookTube and other book blogs. Hopefully you find someone new and enjoy their book/s as much as I did.

Emily Rodda                                                                                                                                                                                           This is just a pen name; her real name, the one she uses for her adult books is Jennifer Rowe. Emily Rodda has written so many amazing children’s series. One of my absolute favourite children’s series, Deltora Quest, is written by her, and it was also made into an anime. Rodda is an Australian author, and I feel that more people (not just children) need to read what she writes. Her books are filled with adventure and mystery and magic – if you liked the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, I recommend the  Deltora Quest series and the Rowan of Rin series.

Christopher Paolini
  Paolini is the author of the Inheritance Cycle, consisting of: Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr and Inheritance. This was the first YA/ Fantasy series I read and I cannot believe how so many people discontinue reading it after the first or second book! Christopher Paolini started the first draft of Eragon when he was 15, and then later on his family helped him to self-publish this marvellous beginning of the Inheritance Cycle. The movie adaption was awful – made me really angry, and I want someone to remake it so that it actually follows the storyline. The world in this series is so magical and exciting; I mean, who doesn’t like dragons and people who can merge their minds with dragons? It’s a pretty cool idea and the story has so many twists and turns! I urge everyone to pick up the first book and start with this awesome series!


John Marsden                                                                                                                                                                                        Marsden is an Aussie author who has written a lot of books, his most popular series being the Tomorrow When the War Began series. Admittedly, I have only read Tomorrow When the War Began (which, by the way, is studied in my school in Year 9 English), even though it has 6 sequel books. I will definitely be getting to them soon because the first book was very exciting with a really awesome idea. Definitely go check out John Marsden – he has some amazing books. I would absolutely recommend the TWTWB series.

Let me know some of the authors who you think should be given more credit in the community. I always love to find new authors, especially those who just haven’t gotten enough recognition!

Here’s are the Goodreads pages of the books I mentioned in this post:

Deltora Quest- Forests of Silence:

Rowan of Rin:


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