Where I buy my books (and preferences).

I feel that in Australia, we have less bookstores than in America, or Canada. To be fair, I haven’t really explored outside my vicinity (a problem I’m hoping to fix very soon). The bookstores I have bought from in the past are:

Collins Booksellers (kind of like an Aussie version of Barnes and Noble)

Dymocks (similar to Collins)

allbooks4less (a really cool bargain bookstore)

Kmart (not a bookstore, but they sell some books)

I really like Collins and Dymocks for their quality and varitey, but I feel the prices are too high. If I wanted to shop there, I would usually have to pay around $20 for a paperback. Kmart has cheaper books, but they don’t have a wide range to choose from. And allbooks4less is really cool, but I can’t always find what I want there. It’s one of those stores that you can’t walk into with your mind made up about what you’re going to buy, because you probably won’t find it. 

Usually, I if I really want a book, I will buy from any place I can. I often try Kmart first, then go to Collins or Dymocks, because my local mall doesn’t have an allbooks4less store. 

But more often then not, I shop for books online. I really like amazon.com, but the shipping to Australia usually costs more than the actual order. And that’s why I like The Book Depository above all others: free shipping, reasonable prices and a great selections of books! Another site that I like, but have only ordered from once, is Booktopia. It’s an Australian website which sells books and movies. I liked their fast and secure shipping and the shipping price is reasonable. 

I would recommend all of theses stores and websites, even though I may have put you off by  discussing a few of the price problems. I always find myself going back to Dymocks or Collins, because they truly are great booksellers. But being a student, I find it more affordable to buy my books at The Book Depository or Kmart or allbooks4less. 

Are there any other great booksellers in Australia? Let me know! I’m always looking for new stores, and at the moment I’m on the hunt for independent bookstores in Melbourne. 

Happy reading and book buying,




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