The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E.Lockhart

 1629601 Release date: March 25th 2008

  Publisher: Hyperion Books for Children (Disney Book Group)

  Number of pages (in hardcover edition): 342

  Genre: Fiction/ Young Adult Literature

  “Frankie Landau-Banks at age 14:
   Debate Club. Her father’s “bunny rabbit.”
   A mildly geeky girl attending a highly competitive boarding school.


                                                                                                                                                                       Frankie Landau-Banks:                                                                                             No longer the type of girl to take “no” for an answer. Especially when  ‘no means she’s excluded from her boyfriend’s all-male society.

Not when she knows she’s smarter than any of them.
When she knows Matthew’s lying to her.
And when there are so many, many pranks to be done.

Frankie Landau-Banks, at age 16:
Possibly a criminal mastermind.

This is the story of how she got that way.


Let me start off by saying that this book is amazing! The characters, the plot and just the content (the words and information) are so great!

The protagonist, Frankie Landau-Banks, is my favourite character ever! She has her own unique quirks and flaws and beliefs. She is a strong believer of feminism, and equality in general. What I really love about Frankie is her independence and intelligence that shows through her actions and thoughts. But she’s not immune to feeling excluded and she doesn’t want to not be popular.

Frankie’s boyfriend, Matthew Livingston and his friends are quite interesting. The dialogue between them is witty and fun. Alpha is one of Matthew’s friends who gets a little more spot light. He’s funny and also mysterious – great character!

Throughout the book, there was all this information that was relevant to the book, and also to real life. Aspects of socialism were explored that I found so fascinating. Things like perspective and human behaviour. There was this main idea of secret societies and the things they’ve done in the community.

E.Lockhart writes really intelligently. There’s something really unique about the way she has written The Disreputable History that I really like. It’s written in third person, and has a bit of mystery in it. At times, you feel that what is being said by the narrator is completely irrelevant, but you soon realise that it actually has a lot of relevance. I can’t completely describe what it is about the writing style utilised in this novel, but I can urge you to go check it out.

I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone! It’s one of those books you just have to read.

My rating

Characters: 2/2

Plot: 2/2

Writing style: 1/1

And this book definitely has that extra “I want to hug you!” factor which I love! So +2!



Happy reading,



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